Snow Performance Stage 3 Diesel Kit


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For all applications with 10-100psi of boost – 1991-2008 Dodge Cummins 5.9/6.7

Boost Cooler® kits offer the most benefits possible

More Fuel Economy(up to +3mpg typical), More Power and Lower Exhaust Gas Temperature

Built-in sophisticated mapping controls very precise injection amounts for light-throttle cruise and full-throttle performance

Using two inputs allows for the smoothest injection control

The adjustments to the delivery on the fly are accomplished with two easy-to-use push buttons, allowing for more or less injection, or switching from both boost & EGT referenced injection (smoothest, best for towing and EGT control) to just boost referenced injection (most responsive, best for performance and racing). More Power, lower EGTs and a safer engine.


Includes: 150+ PSI High Volume Pump, 7 Gallon reservoir, 20ft Tubing, Special Fluid Solenoids, Digital Variable Controller, 3 nozzles (175/375/625 ml/min) & Instructions and Hardware Needed for Installation

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Weight 10 lbs


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