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If your a GMC fan we can get what you want at a price you will like! Below you will find a few of our featured GMC high performance parts for your diesel truck. We can special order just about anything! Call us at 1-800-697-0194.

The Duramax engine is fitted with the Bosch common rail diesel injection system which has been available in Europe for some time. This system allows very precise control over fuel injection quantity and timing. These factors are critical to diesel engine performance including refinement and emissions as well as power and torque output.

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    2011 GM Duramax 6.6L MaxPower MP-8
2011 GM Duramax 6.6L MaxPower MP-8
2011 GM Duramax 6.6L MaxPower MP-8
Part #: 1110207
Our Price: $445.50

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The new TS Performance PowerPlay MP8 is the only module of it kind to have ever hit the diesel market.
The TS MP8 is a universal performance module that holds eight brand specific programs. It contains all diesel 
brand applications on one chip board. It is the only universal module on the market and the only one that is 
always upgradeable and never outdated!

The MP8 holds eight programs and when the appropriate harness is connected it will access the programs for 
the application and it will marry the harness to the MP8. This module is also stackable with many other 
performance downloaders and programmers. The MP8 also has an incab adjustable knob so you can control the 
amount of horsepower you desire.

Since the MP8 will hold eight programs you will always have an upgradable module even if you change brands of 
trucks. You can send it to TS Performance and we will reset the MP8 and you can just purchase a new harness 
for your new truck. This will elimate the problems of having to try and trade or sell your old module. This 
is also an option no other manufacture can offer the end user.
 MP-8 The Best Choice for Towing & Fuel Economy!

Light Duty Truck Series

-Easy Installation
-Plug & Play

-Does not leave fingerprint in the factory computer

-Excellent Choice for towing
-Does not increase exhaust temperatures & increases fuel mileage. The MP-8 offers a 2-4mpg increase!

-In-Cab Adjustable
-0 – 100 hp increase on Ford, Dodge & Chevy applications
-0 – 50 hp increase on Jeep Liberty CRD

-The MP-8 is one of the most popular stacking modules on the market!

Medium Duty Truck Series

-In–Cab Adjustable 3 Settings – Stock, 15%, 30% horsepower gains

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