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Here at Cyclone Diesel Performance we are dedicated to getting you what you need for your diesel truck at the best possible price. Below you will find some of our featured products for all Ford diesel trucks.

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    Triple Dog GT Diesel
Triple Dog GT Diesel
Triple Dog GT Diesel
Part #: 40420
Our Price: $549.99

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The Triple Dog GT or Gauge Tuner really stands up to its name. The GT is an all in one downloader and monitor all in one compact electronic device. With all the features contained in the GT it is amazing how easy it is to install, installation simply involves plugging the product into the vehicle OBD ll port and performing a download to the vehicle ECU. Whats more is that the GT works on almost all late model diesel pickups and some commercial applications.

Vehicle Applications:
- Dodge '06-'09 5.9L and 6.7L
- Ford '03-'09 6.0L and 6.4L
- GM '01-'09 6.6L LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM

New the GT and the Bully Dog product feature line up is the all new patent pending Driving Coach feature. According to outside research studies, drivers can save up to 37% on their monthly fuel bill simply by adopting better driving habits. The Driving Coach feature shows people specifically where their current losses are coming from so they can make adjustments to correct their inefficiencies. It provides audio and visual feedback to instruct a driver into better driving habits, read more about the driving coach feature below.

• Added horsepower and torque
• Improved fuel economy
• Safety Defueling
• On-the-fly power level adjustment
• Four different power levels to choose from
• Easy installation (20-40 minutes)
• Free internet updates and upgrades
• Monitor and display vehicle parameters (PIDs)
• Full Color display with multiple color themes
• User set daytime and nightime driving modes
• Display current gear on vehicles with auto trans.
• Vehicle specific download features
• Initiate DPF burnoff on ‘09 GM and Dodge diesel
• Defuel based on user set safety parameters
• Read and Erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes
• Display instant fuel economy and trip fuel economy
• Exclusive Driving Coach feature, Patent Pending

The Driving Coach is a special feature designed to help drivers drive more efficiently. It coaches drivers into better driving habits by providing real time visual and audio feedback as to how efficient a driver is driving. The driving coach also provides the driver with a “grade,” on how efficiently they drove during a particular trip. This makes driving efficiently, constructive and fun.
Drivers can use the Driving Coach to coach themselves into improved driving habits. Every driver can challenge themselves to be: “The perfect driver.”

    Tirepaq for Ford Diesel (99-07)
Tirepaq for Ford Diesel (99-07)
Tirepaq for Ford Diesel (99-07)
Part #: 1846
Our Price: $224.99

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Tirepaq for Ford Diesel

99-07 6.0L & 7.3L Ford Diesels

The Tirepaq for 99-07 6.0L & 7.3L Ford Diesels and 04-07 Ford V6, V8 & V10 Ford Gas Trucks/ SUVs. The Tirepaq corrects the vehicle’s speedometer to compensate for non-stock tires, wheels and rear-end gear swaps and clears check engine codes. Plus, you can upgrade to a Flashpaq!

  • Adjust speedometer to compensate for non-stock tires
  • Retrieve and clear check engine codes
  • Internet updateable
  • Can be upgraded to Superchips Flashpaq for additional charge


  • Tire height adjustment 26" to 38"
  • Gear ratios available to calibrate to 3.08, 3.31, 3.55, 3.73, 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, 4.88 and 5.13*
  • Improves shifting to compensate for non-stock tires and gears
  • Corrects Speedometer

*Gear Ratio calibration not available on 6.0 & 7.3L Powerstroke Diesels
    Cortex Programmer for Ford 99-08 Diesel Trucks
Cortex Programmer for Ford 99-08 Diesel Trucks
Cortex Programmer for Ford 99-08 Diesel Trucks
Part #: 1950
Our Price: $499.00

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Superchips Cortex

FORD - 99-08 Diesel Pickup & Excursion

Want more power and better drivability for your Powerstroke Diesel Powerd SUV or Pickup? Check out the Cortex - from the #1 selling programming manufacturer on the market today. Cortex is the only programmer on the market that comes with an industry exclusive two-year vehicle powertrain warranty.


  • Up to three best-in-class tuning levels
  • Industry-Exclusive 2-year powertrain warranty comes with every product at no additional cost
  • Elegant, sleek, innovative design
  • Diagnostic Library retrieves, displays and clears DTC's
  • Log performance times & speeds, displays & stores PID data
  • Supports wheel, tire and gear swaps
  • Easy to install, Internet updateable
  • One part number for each OEM (e.g. PN 1950 covers 05-07 Mustangs, 04-07 F-Series Gas Pickup trucks, 2004 SUVs, 99-08 F-Series Diesel Pickup trucks & Diesel Excursions


    • Available Data Acquisition at
    • Adjust Shift Points
    • Enhance Shift Firmness
    • Eliminate Speed Limiter
    • Recalibrate Speedometer for Larger Tire Sizes
    • Adjust RPM Limiter
    • Choose from up to Three Available Tuning Levels

  •     Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Torque Flashpaq
    Ford  6.0L Powerstroke Torque Flashpaq
    Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Torque Flashpaq
    Part #: 1805
    Our Price: $399.00

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    Ford 1999-2007 6.0L Powerstroke 59/92, 97/145, 105/160 HP/Torque Flashpaq

    Superchips tuners plug directly into your vehicle and read the stock calibration stored in your vehicle. A stock calibration is the set of fuel, spark and transmission settings that the dealer installed in your vehicle at the time of sale. After reading this file and saving it to your Superchips tuner, the hand-held device then downloads the Superchips’ calibration to your vehicle. All engine and vehicle operations work exactly the same, except your engine will now work more efficiently - which equals more power, more torque and better mileage.

    Installing a Superchips’ hand-held tuner couldn’t be easier. No need to worry about taking it to a shop for professional installation. WE GUARANTEE YOU CAN INSTALL IT YOURSELF, OR WE’LL PAY SOMEONE TO DO IT. Simply find the diagnostic port under your dash, plug in the tuner and answer a couple simple questions. If you get stuck, our Customer Service Department is waiting by the phone at (407) 585-7000.

    After the 10 minute installation, just hop in your car, truck or SUV and feel the performance gains. Its like getting a brand new vehicle for 1/100th the price. If you do not like the performance, simply return the tuner within 30 days to your place of purchase for a “No Questions Asked” refund.

    NOTE: Superchips tuners are designed for use on stock vehicles only (i.e., no engine or transmission modifications). The use of Cold Air Intakes and Exhaust Systems is allowed for most applications. Please call Customer Service with any questions or concerns.

    Prices are subject to change without notice.
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