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The Dodge diesel pickups are good vehicle that can be turned into great vehicles with a few simple and very painless applications. The first simple gain towards greatness is the Torque Dog Plus which is proven to add up to 90 more horsepower on 2003 and 2004 HO Dodge pickups. Then add a 4"rapid flow exhaust, some propane, and 100 horse injectors, and you have a vehicle others will be envious of. Then really take your vehicle to the Max, by arming it with a Nitrous Injection system. The Cummins is capable of making more horse power then you could imagine.

If you drive a Dodge diesel then we can get what you want at a price you will like! Below you will find a few of our featured Dodge high performance parts for your diesel truck. We can special order just about anything! Call us at 1-800-697-0194.

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    Dodge Ram Front Leveling Suspension - Coil Spacer 2094-2008
Dodge Ram Front Leveling Suspension - Coil Spacer 2094-2008
Dodge Ram Front Leveling Suspension - Coil Spacer 2094-2008
Part #: 66-1090
Our Price: $229.95

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 RAM 1994-2008, 2500/3500, 4WD Only - 8 LUG 

RAM MEGA CAB - All 4WD 2006-2007 4WD Only - 8 LUG


ReadyLift® leveling kits are the fastest, safest, least expensive way to bring the front of your vehicle level with the rear. Made with black e-coated steel, ReadyLift® coil spacers will not deteriorate or decrease ride height over time.

The 66-1090 coil spacer provides up to 2” of lift which gives clearance to add up to 35" wheels and tires to the Dodge Ram. ReadyLift® spacers are guaranteed to maintain a smooth ride without adding more pressure on the stock suspension components. Thanks to innovative engineering, ReadyLift® kits cost thousands less than a traditional lift kit and only take about an hour to install.

ReadyLift Lifetime Warranty Included! All ReadyLift® products are backed by a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle and includes all necessary parts, hardware, detailed installation instructions, and two color decals.
ReadyLift™ Features

Keeps your factory ride - Guaranteed
Will never wear, break or fail - Guaranteed
Toughest finish – Guaranteed
Safest way to level lift - Guaranteed


Coil Spacer
Made from 7mm plate steel (over 1/4" thick)

Easy Install

66-1090 - This Spring Spacer uses powdercoated 7mm steel with 10.9 rated mounting studs. The quality is evident from every angle

 Due to a design issue with Dodge Ram front differential and suspension, some owners may experience a vibration in the front end when in 4x4 mode, or a violent shaking vibration of the front wheels when going over a bump at speed. These two symptoms are often called a "death wobble", but actually appear to be two different problems with the Ram truck.

The 4HI mode vibration is a vibration or shudder that occurs when accelerating in 4x4 high mode. This affects Dodge Ram 1500 non mega cabs; Dodge couldn't discover why their stock trucks would do this for some customers. The solution for Dodge was to state that there is no problem and that all of the new Rams will shudder or shake when in 4x4 high. This symptom appears isolated to 2006-2008 1500 non-Mega Cab model trucks and when in 4-hi mode.

The steering wobble or vibration has to do with the steering/ball joint equipment.
Dodge had released TSBs on this problem - Daimler Technical Service Bulletin # 22-005-06.  This affects 1994-2008 Dodge Ram 1500MC/2500/3500 4x4's.
In either case, it has become apparent that raising or lifting the front of the Dodge Ram pickup may amplify these existing OEM problems. In some cases the symptoms exist on non-modified stock vehicles.

It is ReadyLift Suspension's position that if you have installed a 66-1090 or 66-1020 kit onto your Dodge Ram truck and experience either of the two symptoms mentioned, IMMEDIATELY HAVE THE LEVELING KIT REMOVED FROM THE VEHICLE!


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